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Wednesday, 18 May 2016 18:45

Japanese Car Brand Suzuki Was Caught on Fraud

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Japanese Car Brand Suzuki Was Caught on Fraud Japanese Car Brand Suzuki Was Caught on Fraud

Fuel consumption: on fraud was caught one more Japanese car brand. The company Suzuki Motors has provided Japanese authorities to incorrect data on the level of fuel consumption of their models.

Some time ago it was announced that Mitsubishi brand for 25 years, since 1991, used an incorrect method of fuel consumption measurement of their machines. Due to the burst "fuel scandal" the company's position deteriorated sharply, and in order to save the Japanese automaker, the Nissan will acquire 34% stake in Mitsubishi Motors.

Suzuki Motors Scandal

Now, a similar scandal erupted around Suzuki. As shown by an internal investigation, in 2010, measuring tests are conducted in a manner inconsistent with state requirements. In particular, the measurements were carried out not on the actual road, and the measurement and stands in a wind tunnel.

 Suzuki auto news

As justification for the Japanese somewhat surprisingly said that the main test site ... Suzuki is in a failed terrain - on top of the mountain, where the strong wind and the weather change frequently, but because the data on fuel consumption would be inaccurate.

Suzuki vehicle online

It is noted that incorrect data have been declared for 16 models, which sold a total circulation of 2.3 million vehicles. However, the assurances of representatives of the brand, conducted according to the established rules of the tests proved that the difference between the real and the laboratory tests is virtually absent.


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